They say “Sleep is for the rich”. Well if that is true…ScootyWoot is 2 steps from poverty’s door. Hailing from the southside of Chicago, ScootyWoot has been nothing short of a “hussler’s favorite hussler”.  While chasing his dream of making it big in the world of hip hop he has always found a way to make ends meet while pursuing his dream. Airbrushing shirts may not be the typical line of work for an aspiring rapper but “Scoot” has never been one to fit in. “It just made sense. If they gon’ pay me to spray something on their shirt for $25 Im gon' get it. ONLY way you’re gon’ catch me on a street corner is with a CD.” ScootyWoot acquired his bachelor’s degree in art but has proven himself to be just as creative with a microphone.  ScootyWoot has since went on to open t-shirt shops and a night club using the revenue to fund projects with top notch production and features from the likes of artists like 2 Chainz and others.

While mainstream success has been elusive to the humble but cocky artist (if there ever were such a thing) Scoot has continued to elevate his game as both a business owner as well as an artist. He has conquered adversity and losses over the years. After serving time in jail for 2 felony convictions he has pushed forward putting that behind him making noise in several markets. The S.C.O.O.T (SOMETHING CAME OUT OF TRAGEDY ) mixtape series was a perfect acronym to describe his journey. Tracks like “Money Gone” featuring 2 Chainz and Mantrell shows that he can handle his own on any track regardless of who else steps on the record. ScootyWoot shows a more solemn side on the track “Over the Edge” which speaks on the impact of bullying on today’s youth.

“S.C.O.O.T was for the people. When I dropped my 1st album the STIMULIS PACKAGE I was making a bunch of records for me….shit I wanted to hear, but the fact is you gotta' make records these people wanna' hear cause you can’t get rich buying your own albums. So with the S.C.O.O.T series I learned not to take myself so serious. I had fun while making the records but at the same time I brought that fire. Don’t get it twisted, I’m no joke”. With that care free mentality SHANK SHANK was born. SHANK SHANK is Scoot’s alter ego who appeared first on the S.C.O.O.T vol 1 mixtape, who wowed listeners with his antics and foul mouth. He also appears on the track “Batty Boom” on vol 2. “People often say damn, SHANK SHANK may fuck around and take off before you do!”

ScootyWoot still travels the country selling his shirts at various events while continuing to establish his brand as a dope artist selling CDs and doing live shows along the way. S.C.O.O.T  vol 1 and 2 can be downloaded on  Stay tuned to his campaign as he is sure to be in a city near you……to be continued!

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